Grace Potter "Daylight"
$8.99 - $17.99

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Grace Potter "Daylight"
$8.99 - $17.99

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Daylight is the first new album in four years from Grace Potter. Produced by her husband Eric Valentine, (Keith Urban, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5) Daylight is a soul-inflected, deeply personal collection of songs that capture a particularly tumultuous period in her life - from the breakup of her band and a divorce - to more joyful events like a new marriage and the birth of her first child. The songs on Daylight came to life with the help of longtime Potter collaborators including guitarist Benny Yurco and drummer Matt Musty, friends Benmont Tench and Larry Goldings on keys and supreme vocalists, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of the indie band Lucius.

Side A:
1. Love Is Love (3:08)
2. On My Way (3:42)
3. Back To Me (4:45)
4. Every Heartbeat (4:12)
5. Release (4:32)

Side B:
1. Shout It Out (5:28)
2. Repossession (3:44)
3. Desire (3:00)
4. Everyday Love (3:01)
5. Please (5:29)
6. Daylight (4:21)