Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness "Upside Down Flowers"
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Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness "Upside Down Flowers"
$8.99 - $16.99

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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ long anticipated new album, Upside Down Flowers is out today worldwide via Fantasy Records. His third full length album, Upside Down Flowers makes a strong musical and lyrical statement about McMahon’s transformative journey “Into the Wilderness.” The album’s 11 songs are slice-of-life vignettes animated by McMahon’s vivid lyrics and dynamic melodies. Much like the record’s cover art—an iconic ‘60s-’70s SoCal pool scene with a twist (inspired by jet-set photographer Slim Aarons); the songwriting is fully realized and retains a vivid sense of both the natural and unnatural. “I have so much emotion wrapped up in this album,” states McMahon, “Upside Down Flowers is a version of real and surreal Southern California that surrounds me physically and emotionally.”


1. Teenage Rockstars (4:53)
2. Ohio (4:08)
3. Blue Vacation (3:57)
4. Monday Flowers (3:23)
5. Paper Rain (4:11)

6. This Wild Ride (3:39)
7. Goodnight, Rock n Roll (4:06)
8. House in the Trees (3:58)
9. Penel (2:29)
10. Careless (3:51)
11. Everything Must Go (4:43)

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