William Bell “This Is Where I Live”
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  • William Bell  “This Is Where I Live”
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William Bell “This Is Where I Live”
$8.99 - $13.99

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Legendary soul singer and songwriter William Bell has returned to his original home, Stax Records, for the appropriately titled This Is Where I Live, his first major release in almost four decades. Known for writing and performing several soul standards – “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” “Private Number,” “Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday,” and “I Forgot To Be Your Lover” among them – Bell co-wrote most of the songs on This Is Where I Live with GRAMMY-winner John Leventhal, who also produced the album. The release features newly-penned liner notes by music historian and author Peter Guralnick, who observes that the album “convey[s] home truths from a perspective of age and experience that might not always have been readily apparent to a younger man.” The performances, likewise, are assured and subtle, yet simmering with tension.

Release Date:
June 3rd, 2016

1. The Three Of Me (3:26)
2. The House Always Wins (2:56)
3. Poison In The Well (3:15)
4. I Will Take Care Of You (2:52)
5. Born Under A Bad Sign (3:17)
6. All Your Stories (2:56)
7. Walking On A Tightrope (2:52)
8. This Is Where I Live (3:14)
9. More Rooms (4:19)
10. All The Things You Can’t Remember (3:00)
11. Mississippi-Arkansas Bridge (3:47)
12. People Want To Go Home (2:58)

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