Seether “Isolate And Medicate”
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  • Seether “Isolate And Medicate”
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Seether “Isolate And Medicate”
$5.00 - $12.99

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Multi-platinum alternative rock trio Seether dropped their sixth studio album Isolate And Medicate on July 1st, 2014 via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord Music Group. The band teamed with ace producer Brendan O’Brien (Springsteen, Pearl Jam) to deliver one of the most poignant, passionate, and powerful records of their career. Coming off 2011’s highly successful ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray’, the band felt unusually restless. Long considered one of alternative rock’s most formidable units, Seether knew it was time for a change. In order to limit the distractions, front man Shaun Morgan began construction on a musical refuge in his New Hampshire home. “I actually built a room that I could write in,” he recalls. “I personally pulled out the carpet, put in wood flooring, decorated, and painted. After getting off the road, it was a process of preparation to get the environment just right. I made a place that I felt comfortable and creative in. I was able to be safe and isolated, concentrating on writing music instead of dealing with the distractions that come with daily life.” Morgan emerged with a collection of fleshed-out ideas that the musicians honed during rehearsals together in drummer John Humphrey’s native Oklahoma. By the time they assembled with O’Brien to record the album at Hollywood’s Henson Studios in January 2014, their vision and determination had clearly come into focus. Isolate And Medicate was tracked in just sixteen days.

Release Date:
July 1st, 2014

1. See You At The Bottom (3:38)
2. Same Damn Life (3:19)
3. Words As Weapons (4:00)
4. My Disaster (4:32)
5. Crash (3:40)
6. Suffer It All (3:54)
7. Watch Me Drown (3:08)
8. Nobody Praying For Me (3:17)
9. Keep The Dogs At Bay (4:24)
10. Save Today (4:47)
11. Turn Around (4:14) - Deluxe Edition Only
12. Burn the World (3:37) - Deluxe Edition Only
13. Goodbye Tonight (3:22) - Deluxe Edition Only
14. Weak (3:48) - Deluxe Edition Only

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