Gov’t Mule “Revolution Come...Revolution Go”
$8.99 - $19.99

  • Gov’t Mule “Revolution Come...Revolution Go”
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Gov’t Mule “Revolution Come...Revolution Go”
$8.99 - $19.99

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Exemplified by the duality of the two lead singles – the walloping, aggressive guitar riffs of “Stone Cold Rage” and the simmering, soulful grooves of “Sarah, Surrender” – Revolution Come… Revolution Go is a thrilling musical journey and Gov’t Mule’s most diverse album to date. The group began recording the album in Austin, TX, on Election Day in November 2016, with half the country poised for upset no matter the outcome. It is a sentiment that is evident on songs like “Stone Cold Rage,” “Pressure Under Fire” and the title track. While Gov’t Mule’s storytelling has always been inspired in part by American struggles and experiences, Revolution Come… Revolution Go finds the band’s finger on the pulse of the very divided political climate, poignantly capturing the tension and emotions felt by Americans regardless of political affiliation. These lyrical observations are threaded together with a message of unity. Throughout the record, Haynes’ dynamic vocals sound as strong and rich as ever, swinging effortlessly between rock ‘n’ roll grit and soulful crooning.

Release Date:
June 9th, 2017

1. Stone Cold Rage (6:01)
2. Drawn That Way (5:18)
3. Pressure Under Fire (5:24)
4. The Man I Want To Be (6:22)
5. Traveling Tune (5:17)
6. Thorns Of Life (8:48)
7. Dreams & Songs (6:38)
8. Sarah, Surrender (4:12)
9. Revolution Come, Revolution Go (8:05)
10. Burning Point (ft. Jimmie Vaughan) (6:52)
11. Easy Times (6:58)
12. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (7:26)

Deluxe Edition – Bonus CD:
1. What Fresh Hell (5:48)
2. Click-Track (4:07)
3. Outside Myself (6:09)
4. Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version) (8:01)
5. The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version) (5:34)
6. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Live In Studio Version) (6:52)

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